Friday, November 23, 2012

Being Psychic

I have been psychic all of my life.  Although I didn't start practicing it professionally until I was 40 I was still living as a psychic.  I have heard a lot of people who do not like the word psychic because they associate it either negative experiences or do not feel it encompasses the entire ability.  I referred to myself as an intuitive and this is correct.  However being intuitive is a psychic experience as well.  I have been hearing in my head all week "being psychic".  This has been coming through loud and clear so I have come to understand that when this happens my guides and God are trying to make a strong point to me.

I have heard friends and clients who think or assume that I am able to receive an answer to anything I ask of spirit.  I can but this does not mean the entire answer.  I get particularly annoyed when I encounter an ongoing experience either with myself or with a client and I ask spirit for answers or recommendations only for the situation to continue. I have discovered for me this means a) not yet or b) this answer is a experiential thereby being a process instead of the "pat" answer.  I love to receive solutions or resolutions because I believe problems are opportunities and these reside within the solution.

Being psychic has its ups and downs.  I have had more ups than downs lately but I am still receiving information or encounters that I would love to run from or hide myself in a room.  It's "TMI" and I'm left with the question "what do I do with this or about it?" with no "pat" answer!  This is a good example of what I described above and I'm still trying to get used to it and just go with the flow.

The people who know me know that I don't like labels so saying I'm a psychic right now is challenging but this has been my experiential process this week.  I don't like labels because I feel they impose a limit or a box.  I am an author, an intuitive, a psychic and an actor but most of all I am "me" and I enjoy being me without all the bells and whistles.

Virginia Robichaux

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Moving Forward

Many people I have spoken with recently have reported feeling disappointed and stuck or taking steps backward.  I have experienced the same.  It has felt like everything that I thought was in the past or behind me is alive and well and "current" leaving me to say "I thought I was done with this"!

The fact is that I am and have been done with all these things which is what spirit has said, through my readings, to my clients.  They are saying that this is a release of these experiences but not the original experience. This release is of the emotional charge from the original experience and beyond both before and after.  Most of these experiences are linked with a "core issue".  These core issues stem from our experiences in this life or a past life.

Many of us are clearing the emotional body completely which is unprecedented and why many people are seeking different types of help ranging from psychotherapy, acupuncture, hypnosis etc.  All these things are wonderful ways to help with this process but the message from spirit is this: "we are all equipped with everything we need to resolve this experience ourselves with the higher spiritual help we are receiving now".

This clearing has also been concurrent with the Mercury Retrograde which started on November 6 and ends November 26.  This backward energy has delivered the perfect energetic space for this introspective work to be facilitated.  This period is serving us well through this process in enable us to bring up the residual energies.  God and our spiritual support team is working with us with this energy to gently transform this residual energy into a higher frequency so we can move forward and upward to new levels.

The levels we are reaching are unprecedented through this most auspicious time on this planet.  We have not been able to release this much of our old coding and clear our energy from the past until this space in time on this planet.  This has seemed daunting and confusing for even the most accomplished lightworker.  We have entered into uncharted territory and as we do we feel lighter and happier as this process winds to down it's preparation and readies us for the 12/12/12 portal and 12/21/12 alignment.

I have had to remind myself of this when I have an episode of these mood swings, visions and physical symptoms.  This has helped because as soon as I do this I am able to get through the process as I have "let go".

We are moving forward no matter how we have been feeling through this period.  I have heard the saying "feelings aren't fact" and have disagreed as sometimes they are.  However during this period feelings are certainly not fact as the facts have been cleared and the feelings and residual energies are being transformed and lifting us to a place we have yet to know.

Virginia Robichaux

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Write Because of the People Who Love Me

I took a trip to the store tonight to grab a few things I needed so I wouldn't have to do this in the morning.  I love being "prepared"!  I learned that from my Dad.  I pulled a sweater out to wear and it was an old Letterman's jacket from 1955.  This sweater belonged to my Dad and I hate to tell him but he's not getting it back!  I was lucky to get this sweater as I had no idea it existed.  I was visiting my aunt and she took it out and told me she had kept it for many years.  She said my mom and dad would have them over to babysit and send them home with a sweater if it was chilly outside and my aunt kept it.  It's been at least twenty plus years since I received this sweater.

I spoke with my dad yesterday.  We had a great conversation as he went on about his workout routine and all the while I was remembering all the fun we had at football games or keeping up with him while he ran every marathon in this city!  His dedication and diligence have taught me to stay devoted and strong and persevere no matter what.  We used to play tennis together and I remember this as being one of the most happier times we had together.  He's an awesome dad and athlete and my brothers have followed suite as stoic, strong men.

My mother, the genius, is still just that.  She amazes me with her intelligence, wit and strength.  Not much can get her down but her passion for things she holds sacred and her strong beliefs mixed with southern charm and class make for a great package!  I've learned all the best things I know from her and often share with my daughter many things that "grandma says" or "thinks" as I hold her in such reverence.

I have two brilliant and wonderful children who are the two most creative people I know.  I can say these things because not only is it true but because I'm their mother so, yes, I'm a little biased.  My children are my heroes and I look to them with honor and respect as I am honored to have them as my children and thank God every day for it.

I have three wonderful brothers that amaze me to this day.  They, being very much like my dad, still adhere to their athletic background. Although at the same time have the class and intelligence of both my parents.  I'm grateful to be there sister and spend a lot of time thinking about them and wishing we could spend more time together.

My parents have inspired my life, my brothers gave me exemplary examples and support, and my children have inspired my dreams.  These are the people who love me.  Although it is evident that I love them!  I have discovered it is through their love for me that continues to be the driving force in my life and this is "why" I write.

I wished I had more sweaters like the one I posted tonight on my FB page.  I was told there were other sweaters similar to this which belonged to my dad.  This does not surprise me, but I am grateful to have just one of his sweaters as it serves as a reminder of his core essence and how some things never change and this is a good thing!

Virginia Robichaux

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Virginia's Stuff!

Today I spent a great deal of time writing and editing my current project which is an ebook.  I sometimes forget that I do other "stuff" as well.  I'm am a strong intuitive medium so throughout my day as I'm wearing my "author" hat I sometimes forget this.  I have "reads" that go on for most of the day and trails or "threads" of information that come through.  It's not until a day or two later when I see the intuitive information unfold that I say to myself "you saw that the other day exactly this way"!  I had taken a sabbatical from doing readings so I could refocus my efforts and energy into other things and just give myself a psychic break.  A psychic break is not possible, at least not for me, but the break from schedules of readings, clearings has served me well.  This break has opened up the door for my abilities to level out and consequently allow me to be of greater service when my stuff is ready to go again.

I have recently decided to start doing readings again for a very small group of people I can count on one hand.  This is serving me well as I'm not trying to shut down my "stuff" and honoring it as best I can.  I have always felt reading for others to be such an honor as spirit shows up in a divine timing and order.  Spirit knows just what both the client and I need to hear.

I will reiterate that I have spending a great deal of time writing on a current project.  It's an ebook called Five Easy Steps to Dream Interpretation.  I'm getting very close to being finished and am excited to be publishing something new and different.  Along with being excited about this project I am also tired and distracted between my intuitive stuff and the work on this project.  I am tired because I have been staying up later than usual.  My animals are confused because my schedule has completely changed.  I'm also working a full time job and my body aches.  Muscles hurt where I didn't know I had them!

Yesterday my computer encountered an error and I had to spend additional time researching where to get it serviced.  Although my computer was still operational I didn't want to chance getting so close to publishing and encountering a major crash on my computer and losing all of my hard work.  I have been backing up my work but still the thought of this is scary enough.

Today I was no longer able to do any work at all on my computer which means no work on my book etc. This error occurred upon me finishing the work earlier today and for that I am grateful!  My intuitive stuff kicked in and told me "you need to shut it down for now because you need some rest and by the time the computer is fixed you will, too, be up and running again" lol.  How's that for the universe supporting all of my needs and desires!  However I am sitting here on this computer writing this blog but this is about as far as it can go for me.  I really do feel that the universe wanted to see and hear me say this to myself.  So here it goes:  "Thank you, God for supporting in the best possible way for my greatest and highest good" *sigh*!

One of my cats is not feeling well either and this ALWAYS grabs my attention and can sometimes derail me completely as they are my, at home, family.  I didn't immediately understand that the universe was and is, once again, trying to support me by letting me know that my pets need my attention right now.  These cats live better than most people I know and I include myself in this group!  I wish I was a cat that lived here. My distracted presence to them is perplexing as they not accustomed to not receiving my full and undivided attention.  While I'm writing this I have one of my cats sitting in my lap looking up at me as if to say "are you done yet"?

My computer does not need my attention and my cats do need my attention and my body is screaming for my love and support.  This pretty much sums up my opportunity to allow the universe to do it's thing.  Taking breaks are a good thing and my stuff appreciates it!

Virginia Robichaux
Author and Intuitive

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Freedom in Forgiveness: Recognizing the Innocence

We are all innocent regardless of our actions. The actions may not be innocent but we, at the core of our being, are innocent. This occurred to me while recently watching Dr. Martin Luther King’s "I have A Dream" speech. I had also recently read one of his quotes which said "He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power of love.~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. King spoke much of freedom and equality but I heard a deeper message. I heard this man speak of a profound capacity to recognize the innocence in everyone. Herein lies the true freedom! It is a freedom of bondage of a collective fear which grips the collective "self". Much has changed since Dr. King’s speech and we are NOW watching his magnificent dream unfold as reality! Our hearts and minds have now opened to the divinity of the innocence that I believe he was referring along with the freedom he so desired. We do have the power to forgive because we all originate from the Source Creator which is divine love. We must continue forthwith with this message, his message, this message of innocence and forgiveness.

Someone asked me how do they forgive and love someone. They were still having a difficult time with letting go of this person’s offensive actions. I shared with them my experience:

a) I bought a pink candle and named it after the person I had the issue. I burned it along with rose incense and said a prayer while it burned wishing this person love for two weeks. My prayers felt genuine after two weeks and I no longer held resentment and most importantly I was FREE!

b) I bought a plant and named it after the same person. I watered and nurtured the plant and eventually I felt a genuine concern for that individual and could see them from a loving perspective. I was FREE!

c) I advised my friend that they didn’t have to pardon the action but they did have to try to see this person’s "innocence" as they were innocent as well. They did not have to "like" this person but they did have to "love" and as a result they are both FREE! Love is always the answer!

All things from the Source Creator are divine. I had to completely accept Source along with the totality of creation and not just what appealed to me or what was comfortable for me. When I point my finger I am pointing at the omnipresent Source Creator along with its innocence, divinity and love that resides in and through us. I am pointing at you, at me, at us, at the One. Recognizing the innocence opens the path to freedom and love as he had said, to see what the late, great Dr. King was trying to say and to be Free At Last!

Virginia Robichaux is an author and spiritual teacher who is devoted to helping empower and uplift others. She is the author of numerous articles, including her up and coming ebooks "Five Easy Steps to Dream Interpretation" and "The Dark Night of the Soul - A Survivors Guide".
The focus of her writing and teaching is on helping people live happy and fulfilled lives!
She is also a gifted intuitive with over ten years experience supporting people in their spiritual growth. Her website offers information about her e-books, book excerpts, blog posts:

Surrendering to Peace: Living Within the Choice for Peace

Peace is a choice. You need look no further than within yourself. This sounds like a simple thing to do but just the proposition to look within one’s self is what many of us often avoid . This place of stillness and rest is waiting for us and it is just a matter of choice, a surrender to ourselves, to our core essence and our true being. When we finally find the courage to go there we know we have arrived. We encounter everything we have always hoped to find and everything we have tried to avoid. We have finally loved ourselves enough unconditionally to accept the peace within. The peace which lies within is the unconditional love of our core essence. Our core essence is all that was, all that is and all that will ever be. There is no fear in this place but pure love and an awareness that all is one with the Source. We are no longer under the illusion that we are separated from the Source and we can be peaceful at anytime just by remembering this. We have been asleep or simply unaware of this simple fact which has left us in fear.

There is a difference between "choosing peace" and supporting peace. I have a personal story that amused me about my grown son who decided to grow his hair "long". He teased his dad saying to him "Look Dad, I’m growing my hair for peace"! His dad said, "whatever" and walked away. I laughed to myself because I remembered my ex-husband having long hair himself and growing up during the 60’s and 70’s. He really could not say to our son "No, my grown son, you must not express your support for peace in this way"! My son admitted he was teasing his dad and was really trying to impress girls by growing his hair long.
This type of expression in support for peace has been done in the past as are the peace sign bumper stickers, other slogans and rallies that continue to promote and support peace to this day. These are all examples of an individual and collective support for peace.

This is necessary to raise the collective vibration and to share in the peaceful energy for the planet and should be done regularly. Pro-peace is the goal but a collective "rant" against something only adds to the very thing the support for peace is trying to eradicate.

You have gone within either through regular meditation, journaling or just regular quiet time and have found your core essence. You have surrendered and have made the choice. You have chosen to love the core of you no matter what. You have chosen peace and have found your "peace place" and you can now live there safely and peacefully without distraction. You can gauge how well you are doing in your peace place by how you are feeling at any given time. There may be things, people or places that may need to be adjusted to fit within your peace place. Some of these things I have listed may no longer resonate now that you are living within you peace.

The following is a list of my own that I had to either adjust or eliminate completely:

1. I was no longer able to watch the news on a regular basis. It was disturbing to me and I was no longer willing to include it as part of my reality and more importantly allow it to disrupt my serenity. I now only catch the main highlights once or twice a week.

2. I became hypersensitive to loud places or places with loud crowds. This could even be a small place with a small group of having a "loud" conversation. I found myself having to distance myself from these situations completely.

3. There were certain individuals in my life that I no longer resonated. It was not that they or I did anything wrong but we had reached a different place in our journey and our energy no longer matched. It no longer served us to engage.

The divine order of the universe is answering your call. It has recognized your choice of peace and love and the entire frequency of the planet has lifted as it always does and will anytime anyone chooses peace, someone loves or anytime someone heals.

These three things: choosing peace, healing and most of all loving which is the most powerful of the three and encompasses the three raises the entire vibration and frequency of the entire planet and beyond. Anytime ANYONE of us chooses peace, chooses to accept a healing and chooses to LOVE we all receive the three as The One.

The Paradox of Surrender

I have personally experienced the blessing of surrendering when I finally came to realisations that I it was imperative to "let go" of a way of life or a behavior to be able to experience something better from what seemed was a futile state of being.  Surrendering the circumstances entirely has always worked for me bringing with it peace, blessings upon blessings along with new opportunities I had never anticipated before.

Surrender was not a new concept or experience for me as I had experienced it many times and understood it to be a personal choice for change.  The beauty of surrender is just that as it is a personal choice and reckoning with oneself upon whether one one wants to carry on to the bitter end or to experience something better.

Surrendering of this kind means having faith and trust in the unknown as well as, for me, a higher power i.e. God.  Relinquishing everything and then turning my attention to receiving, based on faith, that which is unknown but knowing whatever is to come will be vastly better than that which is being relinquised.
The paradox of this "shift" is one must let go in order to gain something at a much different level.  I have learned and experienced that it is through the act of giving up something or everything in order to receive.  This entire process is in and of itself a paradox and can be confusing.

Although I have had this experience and understood it experientially it was not until I had been faced with situations I had not experienced in my life that I began to struggle with surrender as I had encountered a part of myself which had been hidden (to me) until this period in my life.  It took three years of soul searching and the discovery of my inner child to be able to see just exactly what needed to be released.  This was shattering to me and I sincerely thought I would not surely make it through this experience.

I have made it through this experience relatively unscathed and definately at a new level.  This experience certainly was not for the faint of heart as I had lost a husband, my business and a few family members who passed on.  I find myself starting my life completely over again as I would have when I was 18 years old.  Everything is new to me again and I feel as if I have many opportunities that lay ahead.  I am eternally grateful for this experience even though I continue to struggle with this foreign "place" where I have never visited but now live.

I have heard it said "surrender to win" which I can attest but prefer to say "surrender to love".  ~