Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Virginia's Stuff!

Today I spent a great deal of time writing and editing my current project which is an ebook.  I sometimes forget that I do other "stuff" as well.  I'm am a strong intuitive medium so throughout my day as I'm wearing my "author" hat I sometimes forget this.  I have "reads" that go on for most of the day and trails or "threads" of information that come through.  It's not until a day or two later when I see the intuitive information unfold that I say to myself "you saw that the other day exactly this way"!  I had taken a sabbatical from doing readings so I could refocus my efforts and energy into other things and just give myself a psychic break.  A psychic break is not possible, at least not for me, but the break from schedules of readings, clearings has served me well.  This break has opened up the door for my abilities to level out and consequently allow me to be of greater service when my stuff is ready to go again.

I have recently decided to start doing readings again for a very small group of people I can count on one hand.  This is serving me well as I'm not trying to shut down my "stuff" and honoring it as best I can.  I have always felt reading for others to be such an honor as spirit shows up in a divine timing and order.  Spirit knows just what both the client and I need to hear.

I will reiterate that I have spending a great deal of time writing on a current project.  It's an ebook called Five Easy Steps to Dream Interpretation.  I'm getting very close to being finished and am excited to be publishing something new and different.  Along with being excited about this project I am also tired and distracted between my intuitive stuff and the work on this project.  I am tired because I have been staying up later than usual.  My animals are confused because my schedule has completely changed.  I'm also working a full time job and my body aches.  Muscles hurt where I didn't know I had them!

Yesterday my computer encountered an error and I had to spend additional time researching where to get it serviced.  Although my computer was still operational I didn't want to chance getting so close to publishing and encountering a major crash on my computer and losing all of my hard work.  I have been backing up my work but still the thought of this is scary enough.

Today I was no longer able to do any work at all on my computer which means no work on my book etc. This error occurred upon me finishing the work earlier today and for that I am grateful!  My intuitive stuff kicked in and told me "you need to shut it down for now because you need some rest and by the time the computer is fixed you will, too, be up and running again" lol.  How's that for the universe supporting all of my needs and desires!  However I am sitting here on this computer writing this blog but this is about as far as it can go for me.  I really do feel that the universe wanted to see and hear me say this to myself.  So here it goes:  "Thank you, God for supporting in the best possible way for my greatest and highest good" *sigh*!

One of my cats is not feeling well either and this ALWAYS grabs my attention and can sometimes derail me completely as they are my, at home, family.  I didn't immediately understand that the universe was and is, once again, trying to support me by letting me know that my pets need my attention right now.  These cats live better than most people I know and I include myself in this group!  I wish I was a cat that lived here. My distracted presence to them is perplexing as they not accustomed to not receiving my full and undivided attention.  While I'm writing this I have one of my cats sitting in my lap looking up at me as if to say "are you done yet"?

My computer does not need my attention and my cats do need my attention and my body is screaming for my love and support.  This pretty much sums up my opportunity to allow the universe to do it's thing.  Taking breaks are a good thing and my stuff appreciates it!

Virginia Robichaux
Author and Intuitive


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