Saturday, November 10, 2012

Surrendering to Peace: Living Within the Choice for Peace

Peace is a choice. You need look no further than within yourself. This sounds like a simple thing to do but just the proposition to look within one’s self is what many of us often avoid . This place of stillness and rest is waiting for us and it is just a matter of choice, a surrender to ourselves, to our core essence and our true being. When we finally find the courage to go there we know we have arrived. We encounter everything we have always hoped to find and everything we have tried to avoid. We have finally loved ourselves enough unconditionally to accept the peace within. The peace which lies within is the unconditional love of our core essence. Our core essence is all that was, all that is and all that will ever be. There is no fear in this place but pure love and an awareness that all is one with the Source. We are no longer under the illusion that we are separated from the Source and we can be peaceful at anytime just by remembering this. We have been asleep or simply unaware of this simple fact which has left us in fear.

There is a difference between "choosing peace" and supporting peace. I have a personal story that amused me about my grown son who decided to grow his hair "long". He teased his dad saying to him "Look Dad, I’m growing my hair for peace"! His dad said, "whatever" and walked away. I laughed to myself because I remembered my ex-husband having long hair himself and growing up during the 60’s and 70’s. He really could not say to our son "No, my grown son, you must not express your support for peace in this way"! My son admitted he was teasing his dad and was really trying to impress girls by growing his hair long.
This type of expression in support for peace has been done in the past as are the peace sign bumper stickers, other slogans and rallies that continue to promote and support peace to this day. These are all examples of an individual and collective support for peace.

This is necessary to raise the collective vibration and to share in the peaceful energy for the planet and should be done regularly. Pro-peace is the goal but a collective "rant" against something only adds to the very thing the support for peace is trying to eradicate.

You have gone within either through regular meditation, journaling or just regular quiet time and have found your core essence. You have surrendered and have made the choice. You have chosen to love the core of you no matter what. You have chosen peace and have found your "peace place" and you can now live there safely and peacefully without distraction. You can gauge how well you are doing in your peace place by how you are feeling at any given time. There may be things, people or places that may need to be adjusted to fit within your peace place. Some of these things I have listed may no longer resonate now that you are living within you peace.

The following is a list of my own that I had to either adjust or eliminate completely:

1. I was no longer able to watch the news on a regular basis. It was disturbing to me and I was no longer willing to include it as part of my reality and more importantly allow it to disrupt my serenity. I now only catch the main highlights once or twice a week.

2. I became hypersensitive to loud places or places with loud crowds. This could even be a small place with a small group of having a "loud" conversation. I found myself having to distance myself from these situations completely.

3. There were certain individuals in my life that I no longer resonated. It was not that they or I did anything wrong but we had reached a different place in our journey and our energy no longer matched. It no longer served us to engage.

The divine order of the universe is answering your call. It has recognized your choice of peace and love and the entire frequency of the planet has lifted as it always does and will anytime anyone chooses peace, someone loves or anytime someone heals.

These three things: choosing peace, healing and most of all loving which is the most powerful of the three and encompasses the three raises the entire vibration and frequency of the entire planet and beyond. Anytime ANYONE of us chooses peace, chooses to accept a healing and chooses to LOVE we all receive the three as The One.

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