Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Freedom in Forgiveness: Recognizing the Innocence

We are all innocent regardless of our actions. The actions may not be innocent but we, at the core of our being, are innocent. This occurred to me while recently watching Dr. Martin Luther King’s "I have A Dream" speech. I had also recently read one of his quotes which said "He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power of love.~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. King spoke much of freedom and equality but I heard a deeper message. I heard this man speak of a profound capacity to recognize the innocence in everyone. Herein lies the true freedom! It is a freedom of bondage of a collective fear which grips the collective "self". Much has changed since Dr. King’s speech and we are NOW watching his magnificent dream unfold as reality! Our hearts and minds have now opened to the divinity of the innocence that I believe he was referring along with the freedom he so desired. We do have the power to forgive because we all originate from the Source Creator which is divine love. We must continue forthwith with this message, his message, this message of innocence and forgiveness.

Someone asked me how do they forgive and love someone. They were still having a difficult time with letting go of this person’s offensive actions. I shared with them my experience:

a) I bought a pink candle and named it after the person I had the issue. I burned it along with rose incense and said a prayer while it burned wishing this person love for two weeks. My prayers felt genuine after two weeks and I no longer held resentment and most importantly I was FREE!

b) I bought a plant and named it after the same person. I watered and nurtured the plant and eventually I felt a genuine concern for that individual and could see them from a loving perspective. I was FREE!

c) I advised my friend that they didn’t have to pardon the action but they did have to try to see this person’s "innocence" as they were innocent as well. They did not have to "like" this person but they did have to "love" and as a result they are both FREE! Love is always the answer!

All things from the Source Creator are divine. I had to completely accept Source along with the totality of creation and not just what appealed to me or what was comfortable for me. When I point my finger I am pointing at the omnipresent Source Creator along with its innocence, divinity and love that resides in and through us. I am pointing at you, at me, at us, at the One. Recognizing the innocence opens the path to freedom and love as he had said, to see what the late, great Dr. King was trying to say and to be Free At Last!

Virginia Robichaux is an author and spiritual teacher who is devoted to helping empower and uplift others. She is the author of numerous articles, including her up and coming ebooks "Five Easy Steps to Dream Interpretation" and "The Dark Night of the Soul - A Survivors Guide".
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