Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Moving Forward

Many people I have spoken with recently have reported feeling disappointed and stuck or taking steps backward.  I have experienced the same.  It has felt like everything that I thought was in the past or behind me is alive and well and "current" leaving me to say "I thought I was done with this"!

The fact is that I am and have been done with all these things which is what spirit has said, through my readings, to my clients.  They are saying that this is a release of these experiences but not the original experience. This release is of the emotional charge from the original experience and beyond both before and after.  Most of these experiences are linked with a "core issue".  These core issues stem from our experiences in this life or a past life.

Many of us are clearing the emotional body completely which is unprecedented and why many people are seeking different types of help ranging from psychotherapy, acupuncture, hypnosis etc.  All these things are wonderful ways to help with this process but the message from spirit is this: "we are all equipped with everything we need to resolve this experience ourselves with the higher spiritual help we are receiving now".

This clearing has also been concurrent with the Mercury Retrograde which started on November 6 and ends November 26.  This backward energy has delivered the perfect energetic space for this introspective work to be facilitated.  This period is serving us well through this process in enable us to bring up the residual energies.  God and our spiritual support team is working with us with this energy to gently transform this residual energy into a higher frequency so we can move forward and upward to new levels.

The levels we are reaching are unprecedented through this most auspicious time on this planet.  We have not been able to release this much of our old coding and clear our energy from the past until this space in time on this planet.  This has seemed daunting and confusing for even the most accomplished lightworker.  We have entered into uncharted territory and as we do we feel lighter and happier as this process winds to down it's preparation and readies us for the 12/12/12 portal and 12/21/12 alignment.

I have had to remind myself of this when I have an episode of these mood swings, visions and physical symptoms.  This has helped because as soon as I do this I am able to get through the process as I have "let go".

We are moving forward no matter how we have been feeling through this period.  I have heard the saying "feelings aren't fact" and have disagreed as sometimes they are.  However during this period feelings are certainly not fact as the facts have been cleared and the feelings and residual energies are being transformed and lifting us to a place we have yet to know.

Virginia Robichaux

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