Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Write Because of the People Who Love Me

I took a trip to the store tonight to grab a few things I needed so I wouldn't have to do this in the morning.  I love being "prepared"!  I learned that from my Dad.  I pulled a sweater out to wear and it was an old Letterman's jacket from 1955.  This sweater belonged to my Dad and I hate to tell him but he's not getting it back!  I was lucky to get this sweater as I had no idea it existed.  I was visiting my aunt and she took it out and told me she had kept it for many years.  She said my mom and dad would have them over to babysit and send them home with a sweater if it was chilly outside and my aunt kept it.  It's been at least twenty plus years since I received this sweater.

I spoke with my dad yesterday.  We had a great conversation as he went on about his workout routine and all the while I was remembering all the fun we had at football games or keeping up with him while he ran every marathon in this city!  His dedication and diligence have taught me to stay devoted and strong and persevere no matter what.  We used to play tennis together and I remember this as being one of the most happier times we had together.  He's an awesome dad and athlete and my brothers have followed suite as stoic, strong men.

My mother, the genius, is still just that.  She amazes me with her intelligence, wit and strength.  Not much can get her down but her passion for things she holds sacred and her strong beliefs mixed with southern charm and class make for a great package!  I've learned all the best things I know from her and often share with my daughter many things that "grandma says" or "thinks" as I hold her in such reverence.

I have two brilliant and wonderful children who are the two most creative people I know.  I can say these things because not only is it true but because I'm their mother so, yes, I'm a little biased.  My children are my heroes and I look to them with honor and respect as I am honored to have them as my children and thank God every day for it.

I have three wonderful brothers that amaze me to this day.  They, being very much like my dad, still adhere to their athletic background. Although at the same time have the class and intelligence of both my parents.  I'm grateful to be there sister and spend a lot of time thinking about them and wishing we could spend more time together.

My parents have inspired my life, my brothers gave me exemplary examples and support, and my children have inspired my dreams.  These are the people who love me.  Although it is evident that I love them!  I have discovered it is through their love for me that continues to be the driving force in my life and this is "why" I write.

I wished I had more sweaters like the one I posted tonight on my FB page.  I was told there were other sweaters similar to this which belonged to my dad.  This does not surprise me, but I am grateful to have just one of his sweaters as it serves as a reminder of his core essence and how some things never change and this is a good thing!

Virginia Robichaux

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